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You're a GIFT

Beautiful Younger Soul,

As I thought about what to say to you, I first wanted to let you know one thing; although you will have ups and downs, you will be ok. You have so much to look forward to. You will understand that as you mature in life and as I write this and a few letters during the stages of your life. You’re so young right now; in the early stages of your school years.

I see how incredibly shy you are right now. Very unsure of yourself. So shy that even when you know the answers to a question in class, you don’t even raise your hand. You have many friends and loyal friends, but sometimes you feel quite alone and very lost. You won’t always know why, it’s just the way you feel.

But I know one thing, you are never truly alone. Even in the saddest, lost moments of this young life, you have the bestest friend and companion. His name is Jesus. I see how you look at the colourful pictures in the Bible of Jesus being surrounded by young children. Those pictures are so important to you. They bring you comfort and somehow you see and write yourself into these pictures. You wonder what it would be like to be one of those who hold Jesus’ hand as He speaks, knowing His voice is soft and gentle. I know you love Sunday School. You listen intently as the teacher speaks of the lessons, shows pictures of what it must have looked like to be in that very place where Jesus was at that moment in time. And when there isn’t a picture, your blossoming imagination unfolds as you create a picture in your mind.

I want you to remember always, how important children are to Jesus. As a matter of fact, He told His disciples that in order to enter into God’s Kingdom, you must become like a child. Not childish or foolish, but be humble, sincere and trusting (Matthew 18:1-5). Trust Him as our young self trusts mom and dad. Jesus also protects children. If anyone tries to harm you or get you to do sinful things, He will see it and they will be punished (Matthew 18:6).

Jesus doesn’t expect a lot from young children. He knows you have growing to do. But He does want you to obey and listen to what mom and dad say (Exodus 10:12). Continue to talk with Him, He loves to hear your voice and I know you are familiar with the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13); you are beginning to understand what each part means in your life. Remember that your time with Jesus is 'snuggle' time and those ‘lost’ times won’t feel so empty. All you need to do is whisper His name and when you're skipping down the street, feel His hand slipping into yours.

One last thing, as you go through these young years, know how valuable you are. God loves you so much He calls you a gift… You are a precious gift… You are His gift to mom and dad! (Psalm 127:3). He will comfort you as mom does (Isaiah 66:14).

Always remember God is love (1 John 4:8) and because of His love for you, you get to love others. So, don’t let your heart become bitter toward yourself or others or in what you hear or see through this young life. Keep looking at those beautiful pictures of Jesus and surround yourself with His love.

I will write to you soon, as I know there will be much to tell you as you go into your early teen years.


Older & Much Wiser You


Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him.

Psalm 127:3 NLT

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