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Privacy Disclaimer

Our Commitment to YOU

We, at LETTERS TO MY YOUNGER SOUL, promise to keep your privacy and identity safe. We want this website to be a safe place for you and your story. We are ready to take the necessary steps to keep your information and privacy as safe as possible.

  1. If we do not receive the agreement paragraph in your submission email, we will not proceed with the next steps.

  2. Once we receive your submission email:

    • We will send you a receipt email.

    • Your letter will be saved to our secure external hard drive.

  3. More than one person might read and pray for your letter before it goes live. This is part of our decision process.

  4. All correspondence will be archieved, until the letter(s) go live on the website. Once the letter(s) are online, all emails will be deleted from the inbox and the deleted folders.

    • We will still save a copy of your email with the agreement paragraph(s) for our mutual protection.

  5. We will never disclose your identity in any of our platforms, including our subscription email and our social media pages.

  6. If at any moment you wish to withdraw your letter, BEFORE it goes live, we promise not to publish the letter and delete all correspondence and the letter from our archieves.


Please let us know if you have any questions at

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