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What is Letters to my Younger Soul?

LETTERS TO MY YOUNGER SOUL are anonymous letters or testimonies written by beautiful, amazing, intelligent, strong, courageous women of all ages... to their younger soul! These are women from all paths of life, who at one point felt it was impossible to go on, but experienced grace and redemption! These women have gone through trials and hardships very similar to what you’re probably walking through. Our prayer is that you will be able to identify yourself with one of the letters and find God in your walk.

These letters are written with love just for YOU! Because we know just how hard it is and how hard it can get! Remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! You will find letters for all these moments in life: the GOOD ones, the BAD ones, and EVERYTHING in between!


You will find courage, love, redemption, hope, but most of all, you will find that God is with you in this very moment. He is in the middle of your pain and suffering, and He is there with you in celebration and in victory. Most importantly, HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH!


We want to encourage you and remind you that in Christ, we know the end of our story; it's called VICTORY.


“For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the VICTORY that has overcome the world—our FAITH”.

1 John 5:4

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