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Terms & Conditions

For Users

Welcome to LETTERS TO MY YOUNGER SOUL. Our goal is to help each other as women and share life together. Please read carefully our TERMS AND CONDITIONS before using our website and reading the letters.


  1. You promise not to use any of the letters, graphics and/or information found on this website for any unlawful or prohibited purposes.

  2. You may not harass or abuse any of the soul letter writers. You must respect the story of each individual and their beliefs and opinions.

  3. You may not exploit, republish, redistribute, and/or sell, any material, including graphics, information, letters or others, for commercial purposes. Each of the letters belong to LETTERS TO MY YOUNGER SOUL and the writer.

  4. You understand that, at LETTERS TO MY YOUNGER SOUL, we, and any of the writers, are not professionals offering professional advice. The experiences of each individual are theirs and theirs alone. It does not mean that what worked for them will necessarily work for you.

  5. You understand that we, at LETTERS TO MY YOUNGER SOUL, are entitled to our beliefs and opinions. These might not necessarily be your beliefs and opinions.

As a user, we ask that you pray and ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart and mind. We are all walking through different stories, but we do not have to do it alone. Our goal is that all women will see their VICTORY.

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