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Welcome to LETTERS TO MY YOUNGER SOUL. Our goal is to help each other as women and share life together. Please read carefully our TERMS AND CONDITIONS before submitting your soul letter(s). You will need to agree to these terms and conditions and include it in your submission email. This is for our mutual protection.

  1. You promise your letter is your story and yours only. It is true and authentic to the best of your ability.

  2. You will not include names of people for privacy reasons. If your letter includes names, it will automatically be denied. You may submit again once it has been corrected.

  3.  You understand that what worked for you will not necessarily work for other people. This is your personal walk.

  4.  You may not republish, redistribute or resubmit any material from any previous letter or publication on other websites or elsewhere.

  5.  You confirmed that you were not threatened or coerced to submit a letter, this was done out of free will and your own personal decision.

  6.  You understand that you WILL NOT receive ANY type of COMPENSATION for submitting your letter.

  7.  You understand that once you submit your letter, LETTERS TO MY YOUNGER SOUL is under NO OBLIGATION in any way to publish your letter. We reserve the right to decide if a letter is fit for our website.

  8.  You understand that if your letter is approved, LETTERS TO MY YOUNGER SOUL reserves the right to ask for changes for clarification or privacy purposes.

  9. You understand that your letter might not be online as soon as you submit it. It might take time before you see your letter online. Be patient.

  10. You agree that once you submit your letter, it belongs to LETTERS TO MY YOUNGER SOUL. We will share it in our subscription email and on our social media pages.

If you agree with all of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, we ask that you fill out the following agreement paragraph, and to copy-paste it in your SUBMISSION EMAIL.


Note: If this agreement paragraph is not included in the submission email, your submission will be AUTOMATICALLY BE DENIED. Please submit this paragraph for EACH letter that you submit.


I,                          (your name)                         , have read and understood all TERMS AND CONDITIONS. My letter entitled                              (name of your letter)                               is based on my story alone. I was not threatened or coerced to write and/or submit my letter. I did not receive nor will I ask for any type of compensation for my letter. I submit this letter out of my free will. I give permission to LETTERS TO MY YOUNGER SOUL to publish my letter on the website, in the subscription email and on social media. I understand that LETTERS TO MY YOUNGER SOUL is not obligated to accept my letter and publish it on their website.

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